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Core competencies

Böllhoff develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of application-specific and process-oriented fasteners and the related assembly solutions to customers world-wide. Advising customers on the right fasteners and assembly systems for their applications plays an important role in this process.

value-added chain

Our service: to actively support our customers throughout the entire value-added chain.


Logistics at Böllhoff

A changing world

Logistics at the Böllhoff Group have been shaped by the changing market scenarios of the last decades. At the end of the nineteen nineties we centralised the operations of our many small storage facilities in order to increase productivity and provide a more customer-oriented service. The result of this centralisation was the opening of a network of high-performing logistics centres throughout Germany and Europe. Centralisation has produced synergies, enabled the optimisation of processes and brought with it major advances in competitive advantage.

For a long time logistics has been seen as a product marketing activity alongside delivery. Recent years has seen the development of a trend whereby logistics has become one of the important core processes in supply chain management. Böllhoff met this challenge long ago with its ECOSIT® economic supply in time system.

We also meet the requirements of the international automotive industry. Our Bielefeld (Germany) production facility has been awarded certification to ISO/TS 16949:2002 standard. Böllhoff supports its customers world-wide with high product availability, short delivery times and cooperation with our partners in the logistics sector. Our aim is to ensure that customers get the best delivery and supply conditions possible.

Logistics centres

  • North Logistics Centre, Bielefeld
  • South Logistics Centre, Jettingen-Scheppach
  • East Logistics Centre, Leipzig
  • West Logistics Centre, Dormagen
  • South-East Europe Logisitics Centre, Slovakia

plus other logistics centres throughout Europe and the world.

An example

Productivity at the North Logistics Centre, Bielefeld


In 1997 we started to develop our Bielefeld headquarters site to meet the challenges of the future.
We started by installing a Computer Assisted Quality System (CAQ) for goods outwards. Combining CAQ with a modern stock management system produced cost-effective, streamlined logistics . Later, we expanded by providing more space all round. The goods outwards department was expanded. Storage space was increased. Productivity was increased through the introduction of the latest stock control software and automated conveying technology for KLT containers and pallets. These developments mean that today the Bielefeld facility receives, tests and stores between 60 and 140 tonnes of material ranging from catalogue items through to customer-specific drawing parts. All this without making any comprises in our high quality standards.
Daily, the goods outwards department despatches 2,000 orders ranging from small packages through to 20-pallet consignments. Our highly motivated employees working multiple shifts ensure that orders are despatched on time.

Put us to the test. We welcome challenges.


  • AMTEC®production

    AMTEC® threaded inserts

    Single- and multi-spindle cutting machines are used to produce a variety of fastener characteristics including internal threads, external threads and through holes.

    Brass, steel, aluminium and stainless steel are the materials used. The external shape of the insert is optimised to match the application where it will be used. Threaded inserts are embedded by welding, screwing in or expansion fixings.

    Böllhoff produces inserts weighing from 0.07 to 80 g. The smallest threaded insert available is M 1.2.

    AMTEC® thread inserts
  • Manufacture of plastic

    Manufacture of plastic components

    The latest injection moulding machines are used to produce precision mouldings weighing between 0.01 and 150 g.

    This equipment processes all the technical thermoplastics we use including reinforced and modified variants. Our experience and expertise in handling the various combinations of metals and plastics is based primarily on this technology. Today, injection moulding plays a major role in our manufacturing activities.

    Most of our injection moulding machines incorporate the tools we have developed.

    Special fasteners
  • RIVSET® manufacture

    Manufacture of RIVSET® self-piercing rivets

    RIVSET® self-piercing rivets are manufactured using a cold-forming process on multi-step presses.

    Steel and aluminium are the materials primarily used for these components.

    After forming, the rivets are tempered and coated. They can be supplied in bulk or in magazines.

    RIVSET® self-piercing rivets
  • HELICOIL® manufacture

    HELICOIL® plus thread inserts

    Free running and screwlock thread inserts are produced on special wire working machines.

    High-precision profile wire with a rhomboid cross-section is used to manufacture the well-known HELICOIL® inserts. Metric and imperial sizes are available. Stainless steel is the standard material used.

    HELICOIL® meets various aerospace standards. We produce special high heat-resistant versions for aerospace applications. The sizes available range from M 2 to M 200 x 6 or the equivalent imperial sizes. The largest HELICOIL® ever supplied was M 320.

  • Blind rivet nuts manufacture

    RIVNUT® blind rivet nuts and RIVQUICK® blind rivets

    Blind rivet nuts and blind rivets with internal and external threads are produced using cold and hot pressing methods on multi-step presses and multi-spindle cutting machines.

    The thread is either shaped or cut. Steel, aluminium, brass and stainless steel are the materials primarily used for these components.

    Many customers come to us because we are specialists in developing rivets and rivet nuts for specific applications.

    Riveting technology
  • Assembly department

    Screw and joining systems

    Components are assembled in the assembly department. Hand-held power drivers, stationary screwing systems with PLC control, units for production lines, and high-tech modules for robot applications all take shape here.

    All the components and machines for processing bulk or magazine RIVSET® self-piercing rivets are produced here.

    The Böllhoff Development Department works in close cooperation with customers to produce application-specific solutions.

    Assembly systems
Quality and environmental management


The Böllhoff quality management system has been certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 standard since 1993. In 1997 Böllhoff was awarded QS 9000 certification. Böllhoff was also one of the first companies in the fastener and assembly technology industry to be awarded ISO/TS 16949 certification - the automotive industry's highest international standard. This was awarded in 2003 and is further proof of the holistic thinking practiced within the Böllhoff Group which sees a strict and consistent quality and environmental management policy as a keystone in market success.
Böllhoff's environmental policy was awarded certification to DIN EN ISO 14001 standard in 1999, further proof of Böllhoff's commitment to the environment and the efficient use of resources.

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