10 reasons to choose Böllhoff

Why Böllhoff provides the fastener solution perfectly matched to your application.

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10 reasons to choose Böllhoff

10 reasons to join together with Böllhoff. The Böllhoff commitment is to help customers optimise their value-added chain.

Böllhoff - Joining together!

1st reason - Total cost optimisation

Products and services for supporting the value-added chain

Value added chain

The focus of our attention is the customer's value added chain.
Böllhoff helps its customers to improve the performance and efficiency of their products and services. But our interest goes beyond the assembly process. We closely monitor purchasing, development, simultaneous engineering, assembly, logistics, quality management and all those factors that create value.

2nd reason - Expertise throughout all sectors of industry

We have the all round expertise to produce made-to-measure solutions for customer applications throughout industry.

Industrial sector pictogram

Our solutions for industry are genuinely made-to-measure. Daily, Böllhoff faces a wide range of challenges in the technical, quality and logistics fields. Dealing with these challenges drives company growth and continues to expand our expertise. Customers can enjoy the benefits of this expertise built up over the years.

3rd reason - Local expertise

On your doorstep

Map of the world

To be close to all our customers requires a global presence.
Our global network of subsidiaries and production facilities provides comprehensive customer support world-wide. We think globally and act locally. Local expertise and rapid communications ensure that our customers get cost-effective solutions when and where they need them.

4th reason - Growth energy

Böllhoff grows alongside its customers. Together every step of the way, as you open new production facilities or enter new markets.

Böllhoff grows with its customers. The focus of development is based on capable processes, which results in lower processing and assambling costs. The interaction between Böllhoff and its customers creates a momentum that helps us to innovate, expand and improve our products and services.

5th reason - Broad product range

More than 100,000 products covering the entire range of joining, assembly and systems technology.


Böllhoff's range covers more than a thousand products. From standard screws to custom items right through to fully automated assembly systems. Böllhoff also offers a C-part service to help with logistics.

6th reason - System solutions, innovative products

Innovative designs to meet special customer requirements.


New solutions are born out of innovative thinking. Böllhoff continuously develops made-to-measure products and services which push out the boundaries of the state of the art.

7th reason - Service solutions

Optimising processes reduces costs

Conveyor belt

Fast, lean, flexible and efficient processes are the key to success in modern manufacturing and logistics. Optimised material flows and assembly solutions. Targeted reductions in the number of components. These are just some of the ways Böllhoff helps its customers to streamline production processes and increase their competitive advantage. Böllhoff helps the customer throughout the entire procurement and value-added chain. We help you to reduce costs, simplify processes, reduce stocks and prevent supply bottlenecks.

8th reason - A zero defect philosophy

Böllhoff Quality Assurance - Better than the best

Our aim as a manufacturer is zero defects. Not just for safety critical used in the aerospace industry. Our commitment to zero defects goes across the board. We use advanced precision engineering technology and the very latest test equipment to guarantee constant, improving quality.
Our commitment to quality assurance shows. We are certificated according to the latest quality standards including ISO-TS 16949.

9th reason - Reliability

135 years of solid experience

Böllhoff family

Böllhoff has operated as an independent family company for more than 130 years. One hundred and thirty years to build an unequalled reputation for service to the customer and reliability. A tradition of innovation and always looking towards the future. Long-term customer satisfaction and sustainability are the core values for the next generation.

10th reason - Our mission statement

Friendliness builds trust

Guiding principles

We are a service oriented company whose primary commitment is to its customers and business partners. Friendliness builds trust and trust is the foundation of a solid partnership.
Böllhoff's mission is to become the customer's supplier of choice. Enthusiastic employees committed to our corporate mission create success - today, tomorrow and into the future.

Competent partner

10 reasons to choose Böllhoff

Who we are

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