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Set your course for success with Böllhoff!

As a leading system supplier for fastening and assembly technology and as an international service provider, Böllhoff is a recognised partner of the railway industry.


Future-oriented and safe mobility sets high technological requirements which Böllhoff, as a specialist in fastening technology, takes into account.

Ever shorter product cycles, the use of new, lightweight and environment-friendly materials and an ever changing division of labour require innovative capacity and a high degree of flexibility.
Apart from that, an increasing market internationalisation causes changes in all fields of the railway industry.

Böllhoff - Your railway expert for fastening technology



Your requirements – our products

Your requirements ...

... from tram to RailCab
... from rail infrastructure over system technology to
... the equipment of stations

... are our focus!

DIN, standard and special parts and parts as per drawing

Fastening technology for metals

  • HELICOIL® nuts

    Locking screws?

    HELICOIL® special nuts with screw lock

    HELICOIL® nuts in detail
  • SEAL LOCK® sealing nuts

    Easy sealing?

    SEAL LOCK® solution for sealing bolt-nut joints

    SEAL LOCK® in detail

    Self-piercing riveting instead of spot welding?

    RIVSET® high-strength joining of steels, aluminium and plastics without loss of performance

    RIVSET® in detail

    Joining without element?

    RIVCLINCH® form-fittingly and non-positively joining sheets and profiles by cold-working

    RIVCLINCH® in detail
Fastening technology for plastics

Fastening technology for metals / plastics

  • Blind rivet nuts

    Creating threads on thin-walled components?

    RIVNUT® blind rivet nuts and RIVSTUD® blind rivet studs for stable threads

    RIVNUT® in detail

    Thin-walled components?

    RIVQUICK® blind rivets for components with one-sided accessibility

    RIVQUICK® in detail

    Vibrations and noise?

    SNAPLOC® decoupling plug-in connection

    SNAPLOC® in detail
  • QUICKLOC® Quick-release fasteners

    Locking quickly?

    QUICKLOC® clamping, rotating and pressure locks for quick, repeatedly releasable joints

    QUICKLOC® in detail

    Easy compensation of tolerances?

    FLEXITOL® systems for automatic compensation of production tolerances

    FLEXITOL® in detail
Chemical technical products

  • Chemical technical products

    Quality products for the best results?

    Our chemical technical assortment from ITW includes high quality products for many applications e.g. securing, bonding, sealing, cleaning, non destructive testing, maintenance, repairing, greasing and protecting.

    Chemical technical products in detail

Supply chain

Join us in developing the perfect supply chain for you!

Product-specific singlecustomer transaction of high technological complexity and relatively small batch sizes are the challenges of the railway industry.

A long supply chain of many different components including a rise in value with every step requires efficient partners. As a full-range and system supplier, Böllhoff offers products and services for every part of the railway supply chain.

  • RailCab

    Research and development

    • Knowing future trends
    • Innovation management by own R&D
    • Application engineering
    • Up-to-date CAE technology
  • Purchase and logistics

    Purchase and logistics

    • Reduced number of suppliers
    • Optimised internal processes
    • Standardised and optimised C-parts
    • 100% readiness to deliver
  • Application


    • Acceleration of your production and assembly processes
    • Diverse assembly solutions
    • Recognised production planning know-how
  • 100% control


    • Certified quality management
    • Certified testing laboratory according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025
    • Certified environment management according to DIN EN ISO 14001
    Certificates & standards


  • Application

    Bombardier Transportation - RIVSET® self-pierce riveting technology in use

    Self-pierce riveting technology - a joining process for mechanical high-strength joining of equal or combined materials. Investment and operating costs are reduced, reworking costs are reduced to zero and cycle times are considerably reduced as well. Bombardier Transportation benefits from these advantages in the manufacture of the new TRAXX DE locomotive generation. The new locomotive roof construction of aluminium materials is joined with the Böllhoff RIVSET® self-pierce riveting technology.

    RIVSET® self-pierce riveting
  • Alstom

    Alstom LHB - Assembly optimisation with ECOTECH

    Optimisation of a component part in the underfloor of the new urban railway series. Reduction in production costs thanks to one less production step as well as reduced assembly times - with simultaneous increase in process reliability.

    ECOTECH - Application engineering support
  • RailCab

    Neue Bahntechnik Paderborn - Innovation on rails

    RailCab combines the conventional railway track and up-to-date propulsion by wear-free linear motor technology. With ECOTECH, Böllhoff assists this highly innovative research project with application engineering support for one-to-one realisation.

    ECOTECH - Application engineering support

DIN and standard parts

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