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Highly wear-resistant thread inserts for plastic parts

AMTEC® stands for "After Moulding TEChnology" and refers to the installation of thread inserts into plastic components after moulding.


After-moulding insertion into plastic parts bears many benefits:

AMTEC® After Moulding Technology
  • Shorter injection cycles and thus lower manufacturing costs for plastic components
  • Safe, stress-free anchorage
  • High pull-out and torsion values
  • Any repeated screwing as opposed to self-forming screws

Product types

  • HITSERT® thermal installation

    • Ideal for thermoplastic components
    • Conical design
    • Rational installation due to processing machines ranging from hand tools to fully automatic machines

    The HITSERT® thread insert is heated to the melting temperature of the plastic. As a result of the heat transfer upon insertion, the plastic can flow into the undercut of the thread insert. Upon cooling, a low-stress interference is realised.

  • QUICKSERT® self-tapping insertion

    QUICKSERT® self-tapping insertion

    • Ideal for brittle and ductile plastics and glass-fibre reinforced thermoplastics
    • Variant with or without flange
    • Self-tapping insertion with rotating mandrel
    • QUICKSERT® hex variant with hexagon socket for even more efficient insertion
  • SONICSERT® ultrasonic installation

    • Ideal for thermoplastic components
    • Insertion by ultrasonic installation

    Upon ultrasonic installation, the plastic is liquified so that it can flow into the undercut of the SONICSERT® thread insert. Upon cooling, a low-stress interference is realised.

  • EXPANSIONSERT expansion anchoring

    EXPANSIONSERT expansion anchoring

    Universal thread insert for thermoset and thermoplastic components

    For thermoplastic components

    For thermoset components

Our AMTEC® product catalogue provides an overview of the entire product range of thread inserts.


Examples of application AMTEC®

Suction system

Pump casing

Valve cover

Fuse box

Housing of air conditioning system

Mobile phone

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HITSERT® 2 – thread insert with sealing ring

Insertion HITSERT® thread insert

Insertion QUICKSERT® thread insert


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