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RIVTAC® High-speed joining

The innovative joining process for numerous materials.


RIVTAC® High-speed joining

The RIVTAC® technology is particularly suitable for joints of aluminium, steel, plastics, non-ferrous metals as well as for mixed joints, multiple-layer joints and hybrid joints of these materials.


High-speed joining is an innovative joining process with multiple advantages

  • Joining without pre-punching in case of one-sided accessibility
  • Reduction of joining and cycle times to a minimum
  • Joining of high-strength materials
  • Flexible application for mixed joints, multiple-layer joints and hybrid joints
  • Optimal possibility of combination with adhesion technology


The tack hits the components to be joined at high speed and penetrates the materials of both components.
Due to a short-term rise in temperature in the joining zone and the resulting improved flowabilty, the joining part material can be displaced into the straight knurlings of the tack shaft. As a result, a high form fit can be achieved.
Moreover, for higher-strength steel materials, there is a non-positive connection due to grouting and compression of the material.

RIVTAC® setting sequence


Here you can see a selection of material combinations, which can be joined up to 6mm total thickness (Joining „thin into thick“ and „soft into hard“).

aluminium-sheet / aluminium profile

steel sheet /
steel sheet

steel sheet /
steel sheet with adhesive

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High-speed joining
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RIVTAC® – High-speed joining


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