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Joining components with one-sided accessibility

For years, RIVQUICK® blind rivet technology has proven to be a reliable method for non-detachable joining of thin-walled components. Choose from different product types according to your requirements.



RIVQUICK® blind rivets for flexible and efficient planning, construction and production.
They are available with different head shapes and material combinations.
We also offer a comprehensive tool program.


The most important benefits at a glance

  • Joining components with one-sided accessibility
  • Non-detechable joint
  • No heat generation, therefore no deformation
  • Use of coated components possible
  • Wide range of materials (aliminium, steel, stainless steel, etc.)
  • Quick and low-emission

Product types

  • RIVQUICK® varigrip

    RIVQUICK® varigrip blind rivet for several areas

    • Bridging of several clamp areas
    • Tight fit even in different drill hole diameters
    • Vibration-resistant
    • Benefits for storage and costs
  • RIVQUICK® Standard

    RIVQUICK® Standard

    • Great variety of material combinations
    • Different head shapes
    • Particularly cost-effective
  • RIVQUICK® sealed blind rivet

    RIVQUICK® sealed blind rivet

    • Air and water-tight up to 3 bar (appropriate application provided!)
    • Can be processed with common blind rivet tools
  • RIVQUICK® high-strength

    RIVQUICK® high-strength

    • High-strength joints
    • Tight fit even for different drill hole diameters
    • Bridging of several clamp areas
    • Installation can be checked visually
    • Vibration-resistant

Special blind rivets

  • For soft / brittle components
  • For blind hole applications
  • For earthing connections
  • Customer-specific special shapes

Peel blind rivet

Expanding blind rivet

Blind rivet with grooved rivet body shank

Blind rivet with grooved rivet sleeve shank

Earthing blind rivet

Earthing blind rivet

Further information on our RIVQUICK® blind rivets is provided in our product catalogue.

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