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Riveting and creating threads

We are specialised in joining thin-walled components on metal or plastic. To do so we apply proven technologies such as self-pierce riveting or blind rivet technology. With our blind rivet nuts and studs we also create high-strength threads.


    RIVSET® rivets

    RIVSET® self-pierce riveting is a process for high-strength mechanical joining of similar materials or material combinations. In this process several layers can be joined easily.

  • Blind rivet nuts

    RIVNUT® / RIVSTUD® blind rivet nuts and studs

    Blind rivet nuts and RIVSTUD® blind rivet studs are the most versatile solution for fastening high-strenth nut or bolt threads to components when tapped threads are not possible due to small wall thicknesses.

  • RIVKLE® blind rivet nuts – range kits

    RIVNUT® blind rivet nuts – range kits

    The setting of RIVNUT® blind rivet nuts is often the only fastener solution for hollow sections, housings or where access is limited to one side of a component for adding a thread to thin-walled workpiece.

    Böllhoff Repair Solutions - RIVNUT® plus

    RIVQUICK® blind rivets

    For years, RIVQUICK® blind rivet technology has proven to be a reliable method for non-detachable joining of thin-walled components.


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