RIVNUT® Elastic

Vibration and noise-decoupling fastener and fastening element

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RIVNUT® Elastic

RIVNUT® Elastic is a detachable blind rivet joint with vibration and noise-decoupling function.


RIVKLE® Elastic
  • The best solution for fastening a high-strength thread body to a thin-walled component
  • Often for hollow bodies, housings or components with only one-sided accessibility, process-reliable one-sided installation is the only alternative
  • Repeatedly detachable joint
  • Decoupling of vibration and noise
  • Insulating


Blind rivet nuts for vibration and noise-decoupling

RIVNUT® Elastic consists of a metal body with a metric thread (in most cases) and a wrapping of elastomer or thermoplastic elastomer.

This fastener is an innovative solution when a high-strength thread body must be fastened to a thin-walled component. It is additionally proven by its noise and vibration-decoupling properties.

Blind rivet nuts for vibration and noise-decoupling

When installed, RIVNUT® Elastic is inserted from one side into the mounting hole of the support part.
Until the final fastening, the clamping cams serve as a locking device.
Since the metal body (standard: brass) is only connected with the wrapping in the lower area, a bulge forms and touches the component to be fastened on the backside, when a screw is screwed in. This is a reversible rivet joint.

Product types

RIVNUT® Elastic standard

RIVNUT® Elastic standard

RIVNUT® Elastic standard is available in two basic designs.

  • RIVNUT® Elastic with washer for a plastic, aluminium or steel component (with slotted hole)
  • RIVNUT® Elastic without washer for steel (through-hole according to DIN ISO 273)

Currently available standard designs have dimensions M 4, M 5, M 6 and M 8.

RIVNUT® Elastic HT

RIVNUT® Elastic HT

Blind rivet nuts for vibration and noise-decoupling

RIVNUT® Elastic HT is a further development of the RIVNUT® Elastic family and ensures not only the proven properties, but also a high temperature resistance.

RIVNUT® Elastic specials

RIVNUT® Elastic specials

Differing from the standard designs, it is possible to realise customer-specific applications.
According to the requirements for component fastening, such as stability requirements, it is possible to use different metallic materials for the bodies.


Examples of application in the automotive industry

  • motorcycle composant

    Fastening of motor spoilers and side parts
    BMW motorcycle

  • activated carbon filter

    Fastening of an activated carbon filter
    VW Beetle

Examples of application in the general industry

  • air conditioning technology

    Refrigeration and air-conditioning technology

  • tractor

    Agricultural technology / machinery
    e. g. tractors, combine harvesters

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RIVNUT® Elastic – vibration and noise–decoupling


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