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Competence in cold-forming

As the market leader in fastening and assembly technology, Böllhoff has extended the current product range with an additional technology – the cold forming and subassembly process for customer specific solutions - FORMTEC.



  • Providing a customer specific solution to assembly problems
  • Expanding upon our current cold-forming expertise
  • Available with additional functionality: injection, assembly, over-moulding, etc.

The FORMTEC offer

Customer advice

Thanks to a breadth of experience in cold-forming our product experts can now define bespoke solutions to complex assembly requirements.

Validation of concept

With our design and simulation software (Pro-engineer, Forge, etc...) we are able to quickly assess feasibility of a design concept.

Prototyping and pre-production

The prototypes and pre-production stages are important to validate the final design of the assembly solution.

Continuous product improvement

Our local design and production facilities enable us to react quickly in case of customer component modifications.

The FORMTEC offer


Technology of FORMTEC

Our manufacturing facility incorporates a variety of machines based upon different technologies:

  • Cold forging (aluminium, steel and stainless steel parts from 0.5 to 100 grams)
  • Turning and milling
  • Over-moulding (metal-plastic components for sealing applications)
  • Camera inspection for quality control
FORMTEC – Cold forging


Applications of FORMTEC

The FORMTEC range of products is dedicated to the automotive industry and can be subdivided into the following categories:

Design parts and subassemblies

Design parts and subassemblies FORMTEC

Special inserts

Special inserts FORMTEC

Special nuts

Special nuts FORMTEC
Design parts and subassemblies

Securing the heat shield

FORMTEC - Fixing of the heat shield

The heat shield of a car engine is exposed to very high temperature variations (-40°c up to +300°C) and has to remain in place without breaking under the expansion effects.

Customer advantages

FORMTEC - Fixing of the heat shield
  • Robust and fast assembly (setting by press)
  • Heat and vibration isolation
  • Optimization of the number of components
  • Cost saving

Glass roof drain

FORMTEC - Water evacuation on glass roof

Rain falling between the glass roof and the car body has to be drained to prevent corrosion.

We can also provide hybrid solutions made of FORMTEC and TEPRO® parts.

Customer advantages

FORMTEC - Water evacuation on glass roof
  • Easy to assemble (manual assembly)
  • Robust watertight solution
  • Cost saving solution (no impact on the car design)
Special inserts

Mounting the air intake

FORMTEC - Mounting the inlet manifold

On a car engine the air intake system must be fastened securely onto the engine block. This smart cold forged solution enables robust and fast assembly.

Customer advantages

FORMTEC - Fixing of the rocker box cover
  • Robust and fast assembly (setting by press)
  • High torque resistance
  • Cost saving
Special nuts

Fixing of the towing eye

FORMTEC - Fixing of the towing hitch

When a car must be towed, the towing eye has to be securely fastened on the sub frame. The specific system that has been developed enables the towing eye to be mounted directly inside the car plastic frame.

Customer advantages

FORMTEC - Fixing of the towing hitch
  • High mechanical performances
  • Low cost solution
  • Robust and fast assembly (setting by press)
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