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RIPP LOCK® screw lock

If bolted connections which are subjected to movements failed, it may have been caused by the parts becoming loose. To prevent this RIPP LOCK® screw lock can help.
The technology behind this belongs to the group of mechanical unscrewing prevention elements.


The RIPP LOCK® product line involves lock washers, screws and nuts

RIPP LOCK® lock washer

RIPP LOCK® screw lock is provided with radial ribs and replaces such locking elements as spring washers or external tooth lock washers, whose standards have been retracted, and enables a standardization of parts. RIPP LOCK® is an excellent and economic alternative.


The RIPP LOCK® lock washers have radial ribs on both sides

The contact angle at the foot of the ribs is obvious larger than the gradient angle of the metric thread.

The system

Because of the preload force the ribs of the RIPP LOCK® washers are embossed into the counter surface during assembly.
The resulting form lock prevents self-loosening of the connection reliably, even under extreme vibrations or high dynamic stresses.
Due to their high hardness the washer can be used with screws of all property classes up to 12.9.

RIPP LOCK® lock washer – principle

Product types

RIPP LOCK® lock washers

RIPP LOCK® lock washers

The RIPP LOCK® lock washer combines many individual advantages of existing locking screws and washers. As a universal product (the outside diameter is the same as the standard DIN 125 / ISO 7089) it can be used in almost every application. Particularly where high demands are made on the safety and/or the reduction of parts, the RIPP LOCK® washer is an excellent alternative. The discs are made of steel with a hardness of 400-500 HV with a  zinc flake coating surface treatment. The corrosion resistance is 480 h against red rust. Due to their high hardness, the washers can be used with screws of all property classes up to 12.9.

RIPP LOCK® lock screws and nuts

The locking ribs cover the entire contact surface of the screw and nut. Thus force transmission is executed on the entire surface. During tightening the contact material in the area of the screw supports "roller-burnishment" by the locking serrations. This results in surface-hardening deformation. After tightening, no considerable flowing (setting) is detected.

The assortment of RIPP LOCK® lock screws and nuts is extensive and has a short delivery time. You can order in following strength classes:

  • Hexagon socket lock screw with strength class 100 (1.040 N/mm²)
  • Hexagon lock screw with strength class 100 (1.040 N/mm²)
  • Hexagon lock nut with strength class 10
  • Strength classes 12.9 and 12 are available on inquiry
RIPP LOCK® lock screws and nuts

Your benefits

RIPP LOCK® – Gentle to contact surfaces, also they are varnished or powder coated

Gentle to contact surfaces, also they are varnished or powder coated

RIPP LOCK® washers are the alternative for many other safety elements in the market. With this new product many previously used screw locks can be replaced and thus the number of parts can be significantly reduced.

In addition RIPP LOCK® offers many other benefits:

  • Excellent locking against self-unscrewing
  • Gentle to contact surface
  • Perfectly suitable for slotted-hole applications
  • Very low fluctuation in preload-force at defined tightening torque
  • Easy assembly and removal - multiple re-use
  • Economic benefits due to reduction and standardization of parts
  • No restriction in contact with oils and lubricants
  • Immediately active, no curing
  • No considerable setting
  • Suitable for joints with counterbored cheese head
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