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Locking screwed connections

Toothed products were the first locking elements with locking teeth. Introduced to the market more than 40 years ago, they have been sold in millions and proved effective solutions for locking screwed connections.


ZAHN locking elements

The functional principle of this locking method is based on embossed teeth that are arranged in a way that the steeper flank is aligned in unscrewing direction. Upon tightening, these form elements dig into the component and create a form fit that has to be overcome upon loosening.

Technical notes

ZAHN screws and nuts

ZAHN locking elements
  • 24 locking teeth block the internal unscrewing torque in unscrewing direction.
  • The elastic flange compensates setting and reduces the decrease in clamping force.
  • The smooth internal washer face transmits the clamping force.
  • No stronger setting than for normal screws

Property classes

Fastener Property class
Screws Strength class 90, from M12 and above strength class 100
Nuts strength class 8, from M12 and above strength class 10

Your benefits

Using ZAHN locking elements provides you considerable benefits:

ZAHN locking elements
  • Reliable locking of joints without additional elements
  • No washers required due to enhanced contact surface
  • Reduced setting values of screws due to consolidation of materials to be braced
  • Favourable tightening behaviour, excellent reusability
  • Surface-friendly locking, small damage to the area of the contact surfaces
  • Comprehensive warehouse program
  • Short lead times

Screw locks

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