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2 in 1 – Cut assembly costs and simplify maintenance with FLEXIDRIVE®

The TORX® or hexalobular drive is well established in production as an efficient drive form.

But there are also applications in which it has still to make its mark. This is especially the case where connections have to be able to be released again, for maintenance or repair for example. The argument that fitters do not always have access to hexalobular tools or that the hexalobular socket head becomes clogged with dirt has tended to discourage its use in assembly.


FLEXIDRIVE® is not a single product but rather a product family. So a wide variety of drive combinations are possible, such as a hexalobular drive with a hexagonal head or a slotted hexalobular drive. As far as screw geometries, thread types, materials and surface finishes are concerned, all technically feasible options are available as each solution is custom-made.


The efficient hexalobular drive is used for assembly. A variety of tools can then be used for maintenance purposes. If the hexalobular drive becomes clogged with dirt, for example, or the right bit is not available, then there are other options such as an external drive for unfastening the threaded connection.


Example applications

Motor assembly / Attachment of mounted parts

Previous solution: Hexagon socket fasteners / Hexagon head fasteners
FLEXIDRIVE® solution: Hexagon head-hexalobular drive flange bolt

Lamp mounting

Previous solution: Crosshead screws
FLEXIDRIVE® solution: Pentagonal thread-rolling screw with serrated flange and slotted hexalobular

Screw fastening of heat exchanger components

Previous solution: Slotted screws
FLEXIDRIVE® solution: Trilobular thread-rolling screw with slotted hexalobular drive


We advise our customers about the best technical and most cost-effective solution and then we deliver in accordance with specific requirements. We are happy to prepare the drawings for individual FLEXIDRIVE® solutions.

Key benefits of FLEXIDRIVE®

  • Shorter assembly time through the use of hexalobular drives
  • Use of standard tools for maintenance and repair work
  • Fewer tools required
  • Longer tool lifetime
  • Technical advice
  • Procurement, stocking and supply of your FLEXIDRIVE® product

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FLEXIDRIVE® – Efficient drive combinations

  • Example of FLEXIDRIVE® multifunction drive to three different types of screws

    Example of FLEXIDRIVE® multifunction drive to three different types of screws


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