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Tool innovations for RIVNUT® blind rivet nuts!

The new pneumatic setting tools RIVNUT® P3007 and RIVNUT® P3007 PN enables the installation of large RIVNUT® blind rivet nuts diameters (M 8 to M 16) in different materials and enlarges our current product range of RIVNUT® setting tools.

RIVNUT® P3007 – for the installation of larger RIVNUT® blind rivet nuts!

The new setting tool RIVNUT® P3007 has been specially designed for the installation of large diameter RIVNUT® blind rivet nuts and RIVNUT® HRT.

RIVNUT® P3007 PN – for RIVNUT® PN blind rivet nuts with slotted shank!

The setting tool RIVNUT® P3007 PN has been specially designed for the installation of RIVKE® PN blind rivet nuts with slotted shank. These are suited for application into plastic parts, hollow sections or sheet metal requiring ultimate thread strength.

Spinning on of the RIVNUT® blind rivet nut is initiated with an automatic touch onto the mandrel, the riveting process completes using only a single press of the operating switch.


  • Diameters M8 to M 16
  • Process-reliable and operator-independent riveting
  • Pressure setting for each diameter accommodates variable component thicknesses
  • Long life due to optimised load setting

The tools are delivered in a hard-sided transport case and include operating instructions, adjustment tool and a bottle of oil. The necessary installation/wear parts (anvil and mandrel) need to be ordered separately.

If you prefer a printed version. No problem, feel free to contact us for a complimentary copy. Any questions? Just call us at +44.(0).1902.637161.

Downloads Version Language Type / Size
For the processing of large
RIVKLE® blind rivet nuts!
RK P3007 03/12 GB English PDF / 914 KB

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RIVNUT® Assembly tools P3007 and P3007 PN

  • RIVKLE® P3007

    RIVNUT® P3007


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