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RIPP LOCK® lock washers are provided with radial ribs. The pitch angle of the ribs is larger than the thread pitch.  When the washers are assembled, the radial ribs emboss in the counter-surface and underside of the screw head.

New in the RIPP LOCK® assortment are the lock screws and nuts which are using the same principle.

There are the same benefits:

  • Excellent locking against self-unscrewing
  • Gentle to contact surface
  • Perfectly suitable for slotted-hole applications
  • Very low fluctuation in preload-force at defined tightening torque
  • Easy assembly and removal - multiple re-use
  • Economic benefits due to reduction and standardization of parts
  • No restriction in contact with oils and lubricants
  • Immediately active, no curing
  • No considerable setting

Furthermore the screws and nuts can be used in spatial restriction applications.
Washers or anything else are not necessary.

More information about benefits and the assortment are on the website RIPP LOCK® or in the new brochure (No. 8210), which you can download here.

For all further questions please feel free to contact us at: +49 (0)521 /4482-629.

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