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Böllhoff Direct celebrates 10th anniversary

On 2nd January 2002, Bollhoff GmbH introduced a new direct delivery service for Din standard fasteners from Germany direct to customers in the UK. Working alongside Bollhoff Fastenings Ltd, Böllhoff Direct entered the UK market.

Now, 10 years later, we are still offering the same direct delivery service, but with an increased product range of over 100,000 lines.
Specialising in the more non preferred items, Böllhoff Direct offer parts in steel, stainless steel, brass and nylon.
Using live computer links to check stock, Böllhoff Direct can instantly quote price and availability.

With a standard delivery time of 2 / 3 days from Germany, we hold the stock so that you don’t have to.

Give us a call today to see what Böllhoff Direct can do for you.

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Böllhoff Direct celebrates 10th anniversary


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