138 years of Böllhoff

A family company for four generations

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Böllhoff joins the past with the future, tradition with innovation

The Böllhoff Group corporate identity is built on 138 years of operating as an independent family business.
This independence will also set the pace for the future development of the company.

Experience builds trust. Three generations of the Böllhoff family have continued to build on the success of the company's founder.

The four generations of the Böllhoff family

  • Wilhelm Böllhoff

    Wilhelm Böllhoff (Born: 1848 / Died: 1924)

    • Opening of a wholesale hardware business in Herdecke, Germany in 1877
    • Opening of a branch in Bielefeld, Germany in 1923
    • Focus on nationwide direct marketing
    • Focus on blacksmith's shops, metalworking shops and mechanical engineering
  • Josef Böllhoff

    Josef Böllhoff (Born: 1894 / Died: 1984)

    • Joined the company in 1923
    • Move to Bielefeld site
    • Founding of other subsidiaries throughout Germany
    • Rebuilding of war damaged Bielefeld site
    • Start of industrial production of HELICOIL® fastener components 1952

  • Dr. Wolfgang W. Böllhoff

    Dr. Wolfgang W. Böllhoff (Born: 1934)

    • Joined the company in 1962
    • Foundation of production and sales companies in Europe and Americas
    • Expanding the product range to further fasteners and assembly systems
    • Today, head of honorary advisory board
  • Wilhelm and Michael Böllhoff

    Wilhelm and Michael Böllhoff (1965 / 1971)

    • Entrance into the company in 1995 in Austria and 1998 in Brazil
    • Today, managing partner
    • Expansion of sales and production facilities in Eastern Europe and Asia

Handing over to the next generation

Statement by Dr. Wolfgang W. Böllhoff (2004)

f.l.t.r. Michael W., Dr. Wolfgang and Wilhelm A. Böllhoff (2013)

f.l.t.r. Michael W., Dr. Wolfgang and Wilhelm A. Böllhoff (2013)

"In the one hundred and twenty eighth year of a family company the third generation steps down and its place is taken by the next. Sons and daughters with experience already forged in the hurly-burly of everyday business life. As the next generation takes up the reins, customers and business partners of the Böllhoff company can rest assured that dependability, quality and service will remain the hallmarks of the Böllhoff name well into the future.
Courage, fairness and loyalty have been the cornerstones of our company culture for four generations."

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