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A family business with a 138-year history

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Historical highlights of the Böllhoff Group since its foundation in 1877

Intentionally founded on the feast of the Epiphany as the sign of a good beginning.
The trader Wilhelm Böllhoff, youngest son of a master tailor in Herdecke-Ruhr in Germany, opens a hardware business supplying blacksmiths, metalworks and mines.

  • House Herdecke


    • Wilhelm Böllhoff (1848-1924) founds a wholesale hardware business in Herdecke, Germany, supplying blacksmiths, metalworks and industrial customers
  • Poster of 1923


    • Opening of a branch in Bielefeld following occupation of the Ruhr area by the French after the 1st World War
    • Start of specialisation in screws, nuts and thread parts for mechanical engineering and shipbuilding under the direction of Wilhelm's son, Josef Böllhoff (1894-1984)
  • Stuttgart


    • First sales branch in Stuttgart-Fellbach, Germany (photo)
    • Concentration on products for machinery, motors, the automobile industry, the building trade and shipbuilding
  • Bielefeld

    1954 to 1959


    • Award of USA license for HELICOIL® thread inserts
    • Opening of the first production facility at Bielefeld, Germany (photo)


    • Gerhard Böllhoff and Dr. Wolfgang W. Böllhoff, the third generation of the family, join the company


  • Brazil


    • Opening of production facilities and sales branches in Mexico and Brazil (photo)
  • France

    1971 to 1985


    • Production facility and sales branches in France (photo)


    • Opening of branch in Italy


    • Opening of branches in UK and Spain
  • Sonnewalde

    1989 to 1991


    • Building of a new central storage facility with space for 40,000 items
    • Building of second German production facility at Sonnewalde, Brandenburg, Germany (photo)


    • Opening of a branch in Belgium


    • Opening of a branch in Hungary and Czech Republic
  • Training center for Brazil

    1992 to 1995


    • Opening of a branch in USA
    • Building of the "Joseph Böllhoff" training center for further and continuing education in Brazil (photo)


    • Opening of a branch, a joint-venture, in Poland


    • Wilhelm A. Böllhoff, a fourth generation member of the family, joins the company
  • House of customer


    • 120-year anniversary with official opening of "House of the Customer" permanent exhibition (photo)
    • Opening of a branch in Rumania

  • Czech

    1998 to 1999


    • Michael W. Böllhoff enters the company
    • Building of new logistics center in Bielefeld, Germany


    • Expansion of production facility at Sonnewalde
    • Joint-venture with Neumayer in Brazil for the production of nuts, screws and fasteners
    • Building of a new branch at Prague in the Czech Republic (photo)

  • Bollhoff RIVNUT® in Kendallville


    • Foundation of the Böllhoff Systems Technology division for the joining and fastener business area
    • Acquisition of RIVNUT® production facility in USA (photo)
  • Sonnewalde


    • Expansion of production facilities in France and at Sonnewalde, Germany (photo)
  • Logistics center-south in Bavaria

    2002 to 2004


    • 125-year anniversary of Böllhoff foundation
    • Building of Logistics Centre South in Bavaria (photo)


    • Opening of a branch in China


    • Fifty-year anniversary of HELICOIL production at Bielefeld
    • Foundation of new subsidiaries in Canada and South Africa
    • Building of production facility in Wuxi, near Shanghai, China


  • Wuxi


    • Foundation of subsidiaries in Russia and Turkey
    • Official opening of production facility at Wuxi, Shanghai, China (photo)
  • Turkey


    • Böllhoff Turkey moves into its own building complete with storage facility (photo)
  • Slovakia


    • Construction of new logistics centre for south-eastern Europe in Senec, near Bratislava in Slovakia (photo)
    • Construction begins on the "World of Fastener Technology" at Bielefeld
    • Foundation of new subsidiaries in Japan and India
  • World of Joining Together


    • Finishing the "World of Joining Together" Bielefeld (photo)
    • Expansion of production facility at Wuxi/China
    • Expansion of production facility at Bielefeld, Germany
  • India


    • Completion of the expanded production facility in Bielefeld
    • Inaugration of the production facilities in Italy and India (photo)
  • Böllhoff Armstrong Limited in Hull, former known as Armstrong Precision Components (APC)


    • Taking over of "Armstrong Precision Components" (APC) in Hull, United Kingdom
    • 11. edition of the "Blue Pages" will appear
    • Inauguration of the new building complex in Mexico


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