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Stationary fastening – precise and reliable

UNIQUICK® Vario feed stroke screwdriver will equip every work station with (semi-)automation for fastening processes and they are well able to be integrated into robot applications. Embedding into larger units is especially uncomplicated and easily handeled.


UNIQUICK® Vario stationary


Stationary UNIQUICK® Vario fastening units are reliable on setting fasteners.


Modular design
  • Very flexible
  • Short notice delivery
Compact designEasy and low space integration
Light construction
  • Advantageous in CNC and robot adaption
  • Little strength needed against inertia
  • Short cycle times
Maintanance free guiding railNo maintenance costs
Adjustable delivery hubFlexible applications
Assembly of the nozzle without toolsOnly little set-up time
Flexible scew suspensionAlways the correct downforce for all applications.


  • UNIQUICK® Vario

    Three sizes available

    • Three sizes (VS 50, VS 75, VS 100)
    • Compact, slim and light construction
    • Adaption to special machines and robots
    • For all types of screws
    • Easy embedding into larger systems due to integrated pneumatic and electric
    • Energy chain for wear-off reduced movement of cables and hoses
  • Special screwing unit

    Non-standard fastening units

    • For special applications of assembly and disassembly
    • Depending on the part to be fastened into: Depth control, monitoring of the fastening process, monitoring of the material by proximity switches and light barriers
  • UNIQUICK® Vario

    Robot applications

    • Especially light and compact design
    • System of tools for the coupling of energy and screw feeding
    • Intermediate hub made for over-head assembly
    • Communication between robot and Sensor-Actuator-Box or BUS-interface
    • Robot handles delivery movement
  • UNIQUICK® Vario

    Stationary Vacuum - technology

    • For low and hardly accessible fastening positions
    • Screw is fixed at the bit via vacuum
    • Fastening depth is adjustable
    • Process reliability due to monitoring of torque and turning angle
  • UNIQUICK® Vario Slim

    UNIQUICK® Vario Slim

    • Monitoring of torque and turning angle Bis 10 Nm
    • Maintenance reduced
    • Pneumatic and elektric
    • For standard- and non-standard applications
    • Robust and inexpensive

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Screw fastening & feeding - UNIQUICK® Vario vacuum


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