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Optimised, process-reliable and energy-saving feeding

The new regulation and control module RSM for the UNIQUICK® Feeder offers a frequency and amplitude-controlled output of the sorted material for a level-independent output rate. Due to extended software functions, additional monitoring, actions and activities can be evaluated and controlled.



UNIQUICK® Regulation and control module RSM
  • Due to extended software functions
  • Simple setting and representation of system parameters by means of the new info display for repeatable system settings and customer-specific factory settings
  • Realisation of all internal program sequences possible and therefore no integration provided by the customer of sequence control
  • Optimised separating and baffle area for reduced wear
  • Higher process reliability


Regulation and control module RSM – Description of options

Option Customer benefit
Screw feeding control with blow air stop
  • Optimisation of air consumption due to blow air cut-off after screw identification
  • Constant screw blowing during changing tubes or compressed air supply
  • Optimal cycle time possible
Level control and level indication
  • Integration of level indication into customers plant control
  • Low level signalling for the employee
Clearance to start
  • System blocking due to an external control
  • Improved integration of handling systems
Screw feeding release
  • Blow air release due to control, e.g. for clean room applications (realisation of customer requirements)
Fixation of screw selection New function:
  • Finding of the intervention feature at UNIQUICK® Advance pneumatic (electric) by a time parameter
  • Screw position still possible from the nozzle
Separation control
  • Usable for stationary UNIQUICK® Vario autarkic variation
  • Blowing after separations has been effected
  • Separation of two screws in the tube not possible
Signal for readiness
  • Improved integration into the assembly plant / the working place
Language changeover
  • Language selection possible
  • Menu / description of setting possibilities in national language

Not all options are available for every UNIQUICK® system.

Download Version Language Type/Size
Screw driving system UNIQUICK® with the new regulation and control module RSM
3100/11.02 English PDF / 257 KB

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