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Nozzles for all applications

At the point of adapting the screw fastening unit to the application it is especially important to choose the correct nozzle. We will select the correct nozzle for each individual application.


  • Jaw nozzle for low accessibility

    Jaw nozzle for low accessibility

    • One- or two-sided constraining contour
    • Axial compensation
    • Robust
  • Expandable bushes for slots

    Expandable bushes for slots

    • The screw is at all times tightly fixed and ready to be fastened
    • Little space needed
    • Dipping into the slot
  • Tube nozzle - for countersinks

    Tube nozzle - for countersinks

    • Screw is guided at the tip of the tube of the nozzle
    • Little space needed
    • Extension of the tube along the countersink
  • white

    Vacuum nozzle for deeper fastening positions

    • The screw is taken over by the vacuum bit within the nozzle
    • Little Space needed
    • Good visibility
    • Lower fastening into the surface possible


How to choose the right nozzle?

The constraining contour decides abbout the type of the nozzle and about what delivery- and spindle hub is needed. Constraining contours are the contours of the material to be fastened into at the place of the fastening tool and nozzle.

These may be one or more sided access limitations, as well as countersinks of the surface at the screw fastening position.

For unilateral constraining contours
For unilateral constraining contours

For unilateral constraining contours

For unilateral constraining contours
For multilateral constraining contours

For multilateral constraining contours

For countersinks
For countersinks

For countersinks

Choose between four general types of nozzles for automatic screw fastening!

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