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One-stop Controlling of the modules

The aim of UNIQUICK® Logic is enableing and monitoring of the fastening processes with only one module in order to simplify monitoring processes as well as the integration of the unit into larger machine constructions.



Modular DesignQuick and easy extensions of the unit with additional components and features
Expandable control hardwareNo separat control
Easy handling graphic illustration of the modules
  • Easy entry of parameters
  • Only little effort for multi-language software documentations
  • Easy error describtion and handling
BUS- compatibleEasy integration into the main control of the superior machine



  • Control blank for hand-held systems

    • Integration into the system; no periphery
    • Easy handling; integrated control circuit for amplitude control make it an "allrounder"
  • Small control

    • Especially for applications with modified fastening processes
    • Integration of the control casing into the feeder casing possible
    • Powerful due to large memory capacity and high processing speed
    • Combine it with user friendly UNIQUICK® Touch Panel
  • Control box

    • Handles large machine constructions
    • Adjustment to the individual application
    • Easy adaption to an existing customer machine construction due to PROFIBUS
  • UNIQUICK® Graphic Touch Panel

    • Monitoring and visualizing of processes
    • Easy error detection and error handling, commissioning and analysis of the fastening processes

    • Three-version- modular design of the control
    • CPU, slave control for the PROFIBUS optional
    • No extra effort for wiring necessary
    • Quick and easy expansionwith additional modules and features
    • 48 inputs, 40 outputs

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