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Feeding of screws and fasteners

The family of UNIQUICK® vibratory feeder are distinguhishable by their high availability and quiet operating.


Ergonomic and technically ahead

  • The coated plastic bowl sees to quiet and conserving feeding of screws and other fasteners
  • Protection cover for noise reduction
  • Carriage cover for easy refilling of screws and fasteners
  • Modular desigend separation
  • Firm base plate

Professional feeding technology

UNIQUICK® Feeder production

Böllhoff has come to decades of experience in adapting feeding technology to the most different screwdrivers and fastening tools. Please trust in out technology!


  • UNIQUICK® Feeder plastic sorting bowl

    Plastic sorting bowl

    • Sorting bowl in four sizes
    • Ideal milled edges at the side of the bowl according to the character of the fastener (breadth and hight)
    • Integrated and controled baffle
    • Long-lasting, wear-off reduced
    • Consistent feeding capacity due to amplitude control
  • UNIQUICK® Feeder separation


    • Modular design
    • Little format parts
    • Components replicable
    • Jam free baffle
    • Sensor monitoring
    • Maintenance free
    • Screws between 15 and 40 mm are standard (no further adjustment needed)
  • UNIQUICK® Feeder noise reduction

    Noise reduction

    • Only little noise due to quiet feeding bowl
    • UNIQUICK® Feeder casing covered with noise reducing material from inside
    • Air proof feeding of the screws
    • Integrated and proof casing
  • UNIQUICK® Feeder base frame

    Base frame

    • UNIQUICK® Feeder can be delivered with a matching base frame
    • Adjustment to different assembly working stations possible

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