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Reliable and robust – the UNIQUICK® Basic universal screwdriver

The UNIQUICK® Basic telescopic screwdriver with open interface and optional shut-off according to torque or depth guarantees process reliability, high availability and greater possibilities for application.




UNIQUICK® Basic was developed for heavy duty industrial use. It was especially designed for automatic fastening of wood and self-drilling or thread-rolling screws which require pressing force of the screw fastener itself.
Due to intelligent monitoring of tube and nozzle, two screws cannot be in the nozzle at the same time. Thus, availability is considerably increased.


Rod or pistol designFlexible application
Screw is guided through the nozzleScrew cannot break away
Optional shut-off according to torque or depthProcess reliability and flexible applications
Fastening hub is controlled by the user
(fastening hub = screw length + feed stroke)
Cycle sequence can be influenced by the user

Do not do without:

  • Shut-off according to fastening depth
  • Shut-off according to torque
  • Data interface via provided SUB-D plug
  • Rod or pistol design


  • UNIQUICK® Basic

    UNIQUICK® Basic pneumatic

    Economical and robust version of a reliable technology

  • UNIQUICK® Basic electric

    UNIQUICK® Basic electric

    Low-noise and precise version. The compact electric drive allows monitoring of torque and turning angle as well as of the entire fastening process.


Various fields of application

  • Wood processing industry

    Furniture and timber industry

    • Drawers
    • Hinges
    • Rear panels
    • Fittings
    • Tubular furniture
    • Window frames
  • Plastic industry

    Plastics industry

    • Ventilation casing
    • Engine covers
    • Electronic and blank fastening
  • Doors and windows

    Windows and doors

    • Locking mechanisms
    • Gears
    • Corner bearings
    • Shear bearings
    • Glass edges
  • Sheet metal processing industry

    Metal industry

    • Faces of measuring instruments
    • Lighting fixture
    • Spoke nipple
    • Interconnection profiles
    • Cash boxes

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