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Flexible applications with UNIQUICK® Advance pneumatic

Due to a compact design UNIQUICK® Advance pneumatic is ideal for applications of up to 5 Nm.



With the screw fixed and protruded at the bit UNIQUICK® Advance is particularly easy to handle. The screw cannot break away during the process of finding the screw fastening position. The screw is fastened correctly and the component is not touched by the nozzle during the screw fastening process.


Integrated pneumatic driveCompact design
Data interface via SUB-D plug-inEasy adaption to an existing system
Rod or pistol designFlexible application

Thanks to the fixed and protruded screw, UNIQUICK® Advance is particularly suitable for screw fastening positions in countersinks and at the side of protrusions. The screw held in the nozzle can also be used for joining components.


Various fields of application

  • Wood processing industry

    Furniture and timber industry

    • Telescopic rails
    • Strike plates
    • Base plates
  • Plastic industry

    Plastics industry

    • Metering pumps
    • Pipette components
    • Child's safety seat
  • Electronical industry

    Electronics industry

    • Blanks in medical engineering
    • Card readers
    • Boilers
    • Terminals
    • Plug-ins for desks
  • Sheet metal processing industry

    Metal processing industry

    • Splash plates for brake discs
    • Washing machine cases
    • Photo multiplier tube cases

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Screw fastening & feeding - UNIQUICK® Advance – safe handling


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