UNIQUICK® Advance Vacuum

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Vacuum technology for hand-held screwdrivers

Hand-held screwdriver UNIQUICK® Advance Vacuum is the ideal fastener for applications with hardly accessible and low screw positions due to its slim vacuum tube. The latest newcomer of UNIQUICK® Advance family fixes the screw at the bit and holds it from the nozzle to the fastening position.

Secure guiding of the screw at the vacuum bit

UNIQUICK® Advance Vacuum
  1. Various drives with different torques possible
  2. Open interface for the adaption of pneumatic and electric drives
  3. Ergonomic handling
  4. Vacuum adapter located near the bit
  5. Feeding of the screw into the nozzle
  6. Special nozzle for the takeover of screws into the vacuum bit
  7. Vacuum tube fixes the screw at the bit from the nozzle to the fastening position

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