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Process reliability in screw fastening

UNIQUICK® Advance Electro provides thorough process monitoring due to its electric drive. Each fastening process may be documented and analysed.


UNIQUICK® Advance Electro

UNIQUICK® Advance Electro secures monitoring of the torque and the turning angle during the fastening process. Damaged and overwound threads will be recognized by the screw driver in time through process monitoring.


Bit is located at the tip of the screwImmediate start of the fastening process
Screw is fixed and protruded
  • Easy location and fastening of the screw
  • Easy joining of materials
  • Short assembly processes
The nozzle does not touch the materialNo scratching or damaging of the material
Ergonomic handlingSafe and gentle fastening processes
Fastening processes are monitored by control unit
  • Only single screws in the nozzle
  • Reliable fastening cycles
Easy bit changeOnly little downtime
Open interfaceFlexible in choice of drives

This ergonomic screw driver is quiet and low vibrational. Highest quality due to pricise fastening processes


  • Feed stroke screw driver

    Feed stroke screw driver

    • Various drives adaptable
    • Torque up to 6 Nm
    • Rod or pistol design
    • Documentation of the screw fastening processes
  • Retract stroke screw driver

    Retract stroke screw driver

    • Various drives adaptable
    • Torques up to 12 Nm
    • Electric screw driving spindle possible
    • Rod or pistol design


  • Wood processing industry

    Furniture and timber industry

    • Telescopic rails
    • Strike plates
    • Base plates
  • Plastic industry

    Plastics industry

    • Metering pumps
    • Pipette components
    • Child's safety seat
  • Electronical industry

    Electronics industry

    • Blanks in medical engineering
    • Card readers
    • Boilers
    • Terminals
    • Plug-ins for desks
  • Sheet metal processing industry

    Metal processing industry

    • Splash plates for brake discs
    • Washing machine cases
    • Photo multiplier tube cases

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Screw fastening & feeding - UNIQUICK® Advance electronics reverse stroke


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