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Pneumatic and electric screw driving

The open interface adapts to a variety of drives, e.g. Atlas Copco products.


Pneumatic drive

Pneumatic drive
  • With slip clutch; suitable for differing conditions of hardness of the material used
  • High precision due to shut-off clutch
  • Robust

Electric drive

Electric drive
  • Short cycle times but maximum efficiency
  • Low noise
  • Clean air working surroundings
  • High-precision driving cycles
  • Process monitoring

Choice of the correct drive is being influenced by the following criteria:

  • Torque and its precision
  • Geometry of the screw and xgaracter of the fastening position
  • Number of reolutions needed and their characteristics
  • Necessary availability of the unit
  • Average offset
  • Necessary cycle time
  • Assembly and components
  • Reproduceability and shut-off accuracy
  • Behavior on noise and environment issues
  • Necessary control and regulation behavior
  • Designated fastening process
  • Power and weight, and/or size, type of clutch
  • Energy costs


Types of drives

  • Toolbuilding

    Pneumatic drive

    • Slip clutch will limit the maximum torque used in order to handle smaller peaks
    • Shut-off clutch is very precise on torques. It can handle high quality applications.
  • UNIQUICK® Advance Electro

    Electric drive

    • High productivity due to higher motor rotation speed and therefore greater spindle torque
    • Electric drives ensure the quality of the assembled products. Torque and rotation angle are being monitored during the screw driving process. Misdriven and overturned screws are recognized by the driver.

Advantages of the electric drive


  • Weight
  • Vibration
  • Noise
  • Service



  • Performance
  • Flexibility
  • Productivity
  • Clean environment

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