Joining sheet metal and extrusions without additional joining parts

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High-strength fastening in metallic materials

The clinching process is a method of joining sheet metal or extrusions by localized cold-forming the materials.
The result is an interlocking friction joint between two or more layers of material formed by a punch into a special die.
Coated and painted sheet metals can also be joined together with no damage to the surface finish.
The RIVCLINCH® joining technique can be used to join steel and stainless steel materials as well as aluminum and/or non-ferrous materials in a cost effective, environmentally friendly process.


The product range of RIVCLINCH® systems are designed for different application ranges and adapt to varied manufacturing environments.


  • Without additive fasteners
  • No damages to surface finishes on workpiece
  • Repeatable

Steel- and stainless steel materials and also aluminum and other nonferrous metals can be joined econonical and enviromentally friendly.

RIVCLINCH® setting in series



In the RIVCLINCH® joining process the materials to be joined are first forced into the die by the punch. As soon as the bottom-most material is sitting on the die anvil it starts to flow laterally under the pressure being exerted by the punch. This causes the movable die sections to be pushed outwards and allows the flowing of the material to form the button. The punch then travels back to its starting position either by the operator or a pneumatic timer removing the force. The joined part can now be removed and the side sections of the die are drawn back together by a spring.
This local deformation of the material forms an interlocking friction joint.
The RIVCLINCH® joining system can be incorporated into existing press systems or custom built machines.
It can be used to set one or several points at the same time and can be integrated within manual machines and into robotic equipment and systems.

  • RIVCLINCH® – Geometry of the joint

    Geometry of the joint

    Depending on the choice of RIVCLINCH® joining tools, the resulting joint can be round or rectangular:

    The pieces to be joined are subject to local deformation.
    The resulting joint is impervious and attractive.

    The rectangular point is the product of a combined cutting and deforming process. It is chiefly suited to hard materials and stainless steel.

  • RIVCLICH® – Tool kits

    Tool kits

    The central element of the RIVCLINCH® joining system is the tool kit.

    Each one is individually chosen for the particular application. The diameter of the joint, coupled with parameters such as the punch diameter or the die depth can be varied to suit the material to be joined.

    Standard tool kits are available for round point joints with nominal diameters 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 mm and rectangular point joints with nominal diameters of 4.3 mm, 5 mm and 6 mm.

    Tool kits can be integrated into hand held RIVCLINCH® units, presses or multistage tools.

  • RIVCLINCH® – Segmented die body

    Design of the segmented die body

    The RIVCLINCH® die comprises a basic die body and individual die ring segments, which are held in position by a steel spring. A safety cage secures the separate sections permanently to the die body preventing them from falling out.

    The die ring can be divided into 2, 3 or 4 segments with die designs being selected according to the application requirements.


Flexibility in application

The RIVCLINCH® product line-up ranges from an extensive hand tool program over modular clinching systems.

RIVCLINCH® hand tools
RIVCLINCH® hand tools

We have an extensive range of hand tools which offers you the opportunity to incorporate clinching into your operation for a low investment cost.
The range of tools is structured to provide the best solution for nearly every application with tools designed to be interchangeable between models and thus potentially reducing production costs.

A complete RIVCLINCH® hand tool comprises the following parts:

  • Work head; design depends on the model chosen for the particular range of applications
  • Booster (pressure booster with 1:60 ratio = compressed air : hydraulic pressure)
  • Trigger unit or two-handed start, used when the operation stroke > 8 mm
  • Tool kit to suit application
  • Pack of 2 m hoses (hydraulic and pneumatic hoses in safety sleeve)
RIVCLINCH® modular systems
RIVCLINCH® modular systems

From our extensive catalogue of standard clinching equipment we have brought together a range of products that can be tailored to your particular requirements.

The modular systems can be grouped according to their maximum joining force:

  • RIVCLINCH® P35 S with 35 kN max. joining force
  • RIVCLINCH® P50 S with 55 kN max. joining force
  • RIVCLINCH® P75 S with 75-105 kN max. joining force

The basic structure is identical for all the series and all series are inter-compatible to give you the best possible chance of obtaining the exact system you need.

RIVCLINCH® accessory pack

For each clinching system we offer you an extensive accessory pack:

  • Rotation ring for more flexible suspension of small trigger units
  • Gyroscopic hanger for C-frame manual hand tools
  • Compressed air service unit
  • 3m hose pack instead of 2m hose pack
  • Clinch cycle monitor
  • Axis adjustment to compensate for tolerances form tool to workpiece


Qualified for your branch!

Our products are top of the class in their markets and we continue to offer the most appropriate joining method throughout all industrial sectors.
Collaboration with our customers leads to the development and application of consistent and reliable fastening solutions.

Innovative industries require innovative partners.

Examples of applications for RIVCLINCH® systems

  • RIVCLINCH® 0404 IP Aero

    Air duct construction

    RIVCLINCH® 0404 IP Aero joints air ducts according to tightness
    class D.

    Certificates and standards
  • Door and gate construction

    Door and gate building

    RIVCLINCH® hand tools replace spot-welding or blind rivet joinings and optimize workflow.

  • White and brown goods

    White and brown goods

    Stationary RIVCLINCH® systems reduce cycle times.

  • Air conditioning and power engineering

    Air conditioning and power engineering

    Huge workpiece dimensions can be joined with hand guided RIVCLINCH® systems.

    Solar industry
  • Metal structures

    Metal structures

    Semi-automated RIVCHLINCH® systems optimize your workflow.

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Hand tools

  • RIVCLINCH® 0404 IP

    RIVCLINCH® 0404 IP

  • RIVCLINCH® 0201 FS

    RIVCLINCH® 0201 FS

  • RIVCLINCH® 0301 FS

    RIVCLINCH® 0301 FS

  • RIVCLINCH® 0501 FS

    RIVCLINCH® 0501 FS

  • RIVCLINCH® 0706 IP50

    RIVCLINCH® 0706 IP50

  • RIVCLINCH® 1106 P50 PASS

    RIVCLINCH® 1106 P50 PASS

  • TAGGER® 320

    TAGGER® 320

  • RIVCLINCH® Automatik

    RIVCLINCH® Automatik

Modular systems











  • RIVCLINCH® P75 S hydraulic

    RIVCLINCH® P75 S hydraulic


  • RIVCLINCH® Booster

    RIVCLINCH® Booster

  • RIVCLINCH® Compressed air service unit

    RIVCLINCH® Compressed air service unit

  • RIVCLINCH® Spring Balance

    RIVCLINCH® Spring Balance

  • RIVCLINCH® Gyroscopic Hanger

    RIVCLINCH® Gyroscopic Hanger

  • RIVCLINCH® Rotation Ring

    RIVCLINCH® Rotation Ring

  • RIVCLINCH® Clinch Cycle Moitoring

    RIVCLINCH® Clinch Cycle Moitoring

  • RIVCLINCH® Axis Adjustment

    RIVCLINCH® Axis Adjustment


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