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RIVNUT® Blind rivet nuts

Selected items from our core range will be despatched within
24 hours - click for more details of this new service!

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NEW: In-Moulding

IMTEC® Moulded inserts for in-moulding

Please find all information about the product developments
IMTEC® CO and IMTEC® CF on our website!

Product information

The new pneumatic setting tool RIVNUT® P3007

P3007 High Capacity RIVNUT® tool for large diameters

  • Designed to install RIVNUT® M10 to M16
  • Ergonomic hand-held tool (3.4Kg)
  • Pressure controlled installation accommodates
    variations in plate thickness
  • Single trigger operation
  • Robust all-aluminium body
  • The most powerful hand tool in the Bollhoff range (40Kn)
RIVNUT® assembly tools


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